Tracking a User's Walking Distance

Hi Everyone,

We’re trying to track the distance a person walks within a large office building. We had tried an activity tracking device for recording numbers of steps, but the individuals we’re trying to track have limited mobility, and we found that the activity trackers are too inaccurate for small numbers of steps at a time.

We were wondering if we could use beacons and either set up multiple beacons throughout the building or multiple devices throughout with the individuals holding a beacon. We have some of the older beacons and nearable stickers (that have now lost battery power), and were considering ordering more. Reading through some of the documentation and forums, it sounds like the beacons just aren’t accurate enough for this purpose. Does anyone have any ideas on the accuracy if its worth looking into and ordering more beacons? Or should we assume the beacons won’t be accurate enough to work for this purpose?

Any input is much appreciated, thank you!

Hey there,

Sorry for the long wait! What kind of accuracy you’re looking for? You should definitely give a try to our Indoor Location SDK:

It allows you to map a location and then track users’ presence and movement within the location. The average accuracy is in the range of 3 meters, so for most use cases it’s just fine.