Thesis project: Geolocation Alzheimer's patient with Location Estimote and Sticker Estimote [HELP]

Goodmorning everyone.
My thesis project is the localization of Alzheimer’s patients with beacon technology.
Initially I would like to develop the project only for Android devices, although it would be easier to achieve in IOS because pittaforma is already available.
Let me explain what I would do.
I would buy both estimote location, in particular the new beacons that transmit up to 200 meters and integrate them with beacons Sticker.
I’ll attack the beacon location on the walls, while the estimote sticker will be worn by patients.
I saw that the stickers have supplied both the motion sensor to temperature, in this way I would go is to check the patient’s movement and his body temperature.
Without this I would like to create an app using the Android SDK made available by Estimote, in motion such that the patient is able for example to find the bathroom.
Another app for the doctor where it controls the patient’s movement, body temperature, for example if the patient is several minutes on the elevator floor, probably crashed the lift access, a has sounded the alarm.
Then such as location beacons attached to the walls of the hospital, who have supplied the light sensors, position, magnetometer, barometer could:
-check the lighting of the hospital corridor lights;
-alarm if there is a presence of earthquakes, with the motion sensor;
-The temperature sensor to control the air conditioners;

  • The barometer and magnetometer I have no idea how to use them;

I am seeking advice from you about the project, if any part of the development program Android already created.

Anyone who wants to help me will be cited in the thesis
thank you all

Hello Gianni,

Unfortunately I do not have the time to help you but I could give you some advice. I am working on a thesis about interaction tracking of employees within an office environment using estimote beacons. I noticed that all android receivers are very much different from each other which results in varying localization results. In the office environment in which I am working the localization precision was about 4m. Also I noticed way better and more stable results using iOS devices. To note is that these measurements where taken using ordinary beacons, not the stickers which you are talking about.

Also I notice that you are talking about many different aspects that you would like to measure. I would start off by prioritizing these criteria. Doing everything on that list seems a bit too much.

Hi Bdekk,
Do You give me advice you to use IOS? I chose Android because I have an Android phone. I wanted to make a triangulation between beacon location connected on the walls and an attached sticker on employment. Doesn’t me recommend? I have to use a beacon location acnhe on the patient?