The price of the location beacon

I want to buy location beacons, but the price is no longer on the page I have sent email for 4 or 5 days asking for the price because I need some.

I had to write in the forum because they do not tell me the price by email :smiley:

please I need know the price :pray:

Hi Emmanuel. We don’t currently sell Location Beacons as standalone products, they’re only available in our Proof of Concept packages. The reason for that is that we noticed that a lot of our customers are using Location Beacons for typical Proximity use cases - sending notifications, logging visits, verifying presence, proximity marketing etc. That’s why we recommend Proximity Beacons for all these use cases but if you have a use case that requires a precise (x,y) position of a user, we would love to guide you in the right direction.

I see you’re already in touch with Jan from our team and the use case you described seems like a perfect fit for Proximity Beacons. I’ll make sure he gets back to you shortly.

Have a nice day,

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