Please Respond My Inquiry

Hello Estimote

This is Gino. I would like to buy some location beacons for my research project. I sent you the first inquiry email last month. Staff Rafal responded me at that time and asked me to provide more detail. I wrote a detailed email, but he didn’t respond me until now maybe because my email is too long. OK, after that, I used another email address to inquire location beacons for 3 times including today. Although my email is concise and polite, unfortunately, nobody respond me. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Please respond my inquiry about location beacons because I really need them to finalize my research and I have no time to postpone.

Now I paste my email here to look forward for your response. You can contact me via email

I am doing a research project about indoor location. My professor asked me to buy beacons to test them. I searched on website and I found your beacons could be a better choice for me. So I send you email to inquire something.

I need to map the site, so it could be better to choose location beacons. The area of site is about 80sqm, like a rectangle. I wonder how many beacons I need and how much. My project should be finalized in 2 months, so it’s a little emergency for me, you know the shipping time. Thanks for your response.