[SWIFT] Init BeaconRegion with UUID only, get major/minor at ‘didEnterRegion’

I did read the previous posts about this question, but they did not quite answer my questions.

It seems that it is NOT possible, like described in this post Possible to get detected beacon info in didEnterRegion?

But I would still like to know if this really is not possible:
-Configer 150 Beacons to have the SAME UUID and a random major / minor
-Create a BeaconRegion with a UUID only
-When a beacon enters the region, get ANY info with which I can distinguish the beacons (major/minor id, name, …?)

The reason is that the customer of the application get a random amount of beacons (increasing over time) and the application for his iphone. The app is given to him once. All app can dedect all the beacons, because they have the same UUID. So when I send additional beacons to the customer, they will also be detected.

What the customer wants to do is to give CUSTOM names to the beacons, individually from each of his iphones. This should by mapping any custom names to the major/minor (something else unique) on the fly.

How could I solve this problem?

Thank you for your help!

In your didEnterRegion handler, start ranging, and let it run for a few seconds. iOS by default gives your app about 10 seconds to handle the enter event, and you can use that time e.g. to do ranging, and learn the exact majors and minors of beacons in range. You can event extend the 10 second-period up to 3 minutes with beginBackgroundTask.

Hi KevinB, I have the same problem, you could solve it?

I can’t belive but… i followed the hryplotr indications, and the system never kill my ranging app in background, when the callback called by the monitoring is activated, my app starts also beacon ranging… and it never stops… is anyone know why this is happening?