Stop listening to events

I have a little question about mirrors and I did not found the answer on documentation.
I use the JS version to build templates and so I use mirror.listen(Mirror.Events.SCAN, ...)
I wondered if there was a way for the mirror to “unlisten” SCAN, like a “removeEventListener” ?


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Is there (or is it planned) a more precise documentation for devs who wants to do more advanced things with mirror ?
Like a documentation with all possible functions ? Because everything except Listen/SelectTemplate/SetScanFilter and the way we can access property of scanned device is not documented and we have to post a topic on forum every time :confused:

Here you have properties of scanned packets:

What do you mean by advanced things? What use case are you trying to do with Mirror? What API do you need?

Okay my bad, the scanned packets are documented.
The missing documentation is more about mirror functions, Which function can we invoke as “mirror.****” ?
Another exemple, another time I triied to call an external API and there was no place where the way to whitelist domains was documented. Is this possible to link me the place if those documentation exists ?

Hi @ThibaultAr,

Thanks for your suggestions on Mirror and its’ documentation. Right now we are constantly updating and improving it, based on community & Mirror users feedback.

We would like to have a better grasp of your project and product feedback, so please drop us a message at :writing_hand: