Startup with ambitious beacon goals seeks both iOS and Android developers

Project details: Literally too much to explain here. I’m the Project Manager working on contract. I will either find a team or build one. The project is very ambitious and will stretch the boundaries of what’s possible. If that doesn’t scare you, read on!
Scope: You should be experienced with making apps for iOS and/or Android. The app will have elements of Augmented Reality as well as more traditional interfaces. Send me your resume and if you fit into the plan, I’ll send you mine.
Region: The client is global, and I am in California. As of now, I’m open to teams and/or individuals working remotely from anywhere. If you have an experienced team, I want to hear from you. But if you’re an experienced individual, I also want to discuss how you might fit in.
Timeline: Contact me immediately, even if you’re not available right now. Ideally, we’ll get to know each other, sign NDAs, discuss the project and schedule, then get going within 2-3 months. OTOH, I do have immediate prototyping and POC work as well, so if you want to get going immediately we can do that too.
Budget: TBD, but the client has investors and is already funding a lot of work at fair market rates. I anticipate that this work will be well-funded.
Contact details: For now, I prefer to communicate via my email at

The important take away here is that the project is BIG and ambitious; there are many aspects to it, and the client is willing to pay fairly. It will also be high-profile as the product will be very visible to the general public. One main (though not the only) element is an AR game/experience. Location tracking, both inside and outside, is also important.

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