startRanging on multiple nearables. Sometimes returning wrong id!

Hello, I was just curious on how to startRanging for more than 1 nearable, lets say 3. Previously, I added 3, “startRanging” statements for each beacon but sometimes the wrong beacon id was given! Any ideas to help organize this better? Code below:

var nearable:ESTNearable!
var nearableManager:ESTNearableManager!

let triggerManager = ESTTriggerManager()
var idsWeights:[String: Double] = [
    "ibeaconID1": 20,
    "ibeaconID2": 70,
    "ibeaconID3": 100

override func viewDidLoad() {
    nearableManager = ESTNearableManager()
    nearableManager.delegate = self
    nearableManager.startRanging(forIdentifier: "ibeaconID1")  //I want to start ranging for more then 1 beacon
    //rest of code...