How to have multiple range Beacons?

Hi I’m new with Estimote.

i followed the tutorial 3 and successfully received a reply from just one beacon.
[CLBeacon (uuid:<__NSConcreteUUID 0x127efb5c0> 857E743F-FDEC-81B3-F2C6-5254D2BC9AE3, major:30003, minor:15003, proximity:3 +/- 3.37m, rssi:-64)]

what should i do to get a list of beacons back? all the beacons have a major starting 30000 and a minor starting 15000

let beaconManager = ESTBeaconManager()

let desmondBeaconRegion = CLBeaconRegion(proximityUUID: NSUUID(UUIDString: “CCAA0107-98FB-4FBA-4803-92CBAE08A909”)!,identifier: “Desmond region”)


It seems that you assigned a different UUID to each one of your beacons.

If you want to detect them all, you need to set them to a common UUID. For example, set them all to “CCAA0107-98FB-4FBA-4803-92CBAE08A909”, and start ranging for that UUID.

@heypiotr thanks it works!

I actually thought i need each with a unique ID for each.



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