Starting proximity Beacons as a non-developer

Hi Guys,

just received my four new proximity beacons this week. I’m very beginner, so I need your advice.

I would like to connect my beacons to my smart home. There are Philips Hue and Bosch Smart Home devices available. As I understand I need a third party app (e.g. Beecon or Beecon+) in order to trigger events. Honestly speaking, I would like to have small piece of advice in the very beginning from experts :slight_smile:

What should be first steps?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the world of micro-location! (:

I wonder if it might be a better idea to ask on some more consumer-oriented forum, maybe? This forum is mostly developers integrating beacons/indoor location into their own apps, and mostly in commercial & industrial settings.

But if anyone has a home-automation setup/experience and wants to chime in, I’d also gladly read about that (:

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: I am going to check out reddit.