Software depending on background monitoring

Hi Guys,

I developed a beacon app which uses the background monitoring. The app scans for one beacon region and makes a entry in a db for the first beacon it founds. Its really important that the first beacon the phone enters gets this db entry.

So everything works in development with “flip to sleep” mode. But when I try it with walking in the beacon area it only works sometimes. Most of the time I have to stand next to the beacon and wait for a minute or two until I get the notification for the db entry.

I played with the settings but it didn’t change much. Now my question before I lose to much time on devlopment, is this kind of application possible ? Or are beacons not made for that?

I hope I you understand this, since my english is not that good.

Don’t say that, your English is very good! (:

What you’re describing (being able to detect when you walk in range of a beacon) is actually exactly what beacons were made for. Can you let us know if you’re building an iOS or Android app? What range/Tx power is your beacon set to?

Glad to hear that :smile:

At the moment the app is developed for iOS 9. And the testing device is a iPhone 5s.
The beacon settings are ~7m / -16 dBm with a 500ms interval. All beacons have the
same UUID. We only scan for this UUID.

If you’re monitoring for a UUID only, and with the Tx power of -16 dBm, make sure you’re standing outside range of all the beacons with that UUID (-16 dBm can spike up to 20 m) for at least 30 seconds, to make sure that iOS properly registers you as “outside” the region. Only if you’re considered “outside” will the enter event happen upon moving back in range.