Simple Project Needing Dev


Project details: So I’m in the 10th grade and I have a science fair project idea, due to a patent that we are about to file, I cannot release details, however, this is all I need it to do:

Send a notification when you are about to go out of range, I will be toggling the power, so just having it when it doesn’t have a connection won’t work.
I would like it to have it send the temperature with the notification.
I need it for at least iOS.
I’m using the location beacons.
I would like a sleek user interface for adding different beacons to it.

How much would this cost to get done, or at least get help with the code since I’m very new? Thank you!

Scope: what skillset is required? Frontend, backend, iOS

Region: Eastern US, but I’m willing to work with people from anywhere!

Contact details:

Additional info: