Need Source Code for Simple App

So I’m working on a science fair project, and I nee a very simple app to compliment it…
It needs to have:

  • List of beacons, and be able to add other beacons.
  • I need it to send a notification when you go in the far range.
  • I need it to have a blank home screen, having the list on a separate page, that is navigated to with one button on the home page. Nothing else on the home page.
  • I need it to be in Objective-C or Swift.
  • I need it to be named Kidminder.

That’s it. Please keep in mind this is for a science fair project, so I just need to work and be simple. I will customize the notification message, so just put a placeholder. I’m willing to pay like $10… I know it’s really low, but I need this for a project, and I know it’ll be simple to do, you could even just modify one of the templates. Thanks in advance!


Hey Gavin,

Just wondering if you were still looking for a dev to help with your project. If you are, let me know. I can be reached at