Selling Estimote based startup

Hello all,

We are Tag2M, United States based startup company that launched two years ago. We have build a mobile application using the Estimote SDK which is perfect for retailers who want to attract outside foot traffic to enter the location after receiving a push notification. You can find a list of our available features here:
We have several target markets that the application is suitable for, you will find them listed on our website.

We have depleted our funding and unfortunately must close the business. We are looking to sell the software to a group who wants to continue on with the company. The sale includes:

  • Website (
  • iOS & Android Applications (Tag2M on both stores)
  • Back end dashboard (collects analytics from users and prepares reports for the small businesses)
  • Inventory of ~40 estimote beacons
  • The name and LLC if desired.

Please contact me via Skype or email if you have interest or questions. No offer is too small.
Skype: alaneschweiler