Secure UUID gives empty list

Im trying to get the Major/Minor from a SecureRegion, but when it gets into onEnteredRegion the List<Beacon> beacons is empty

Any help will be appreciated.

Note: Beacon has the secure option set to true (secure=‘true’)
Note: I have also tried randomizing only major/minor and keep the UUID non-randomized but in this scenario it doesn’t event gets to the onEnteredRegion() listener
Note: If i disable the secure option in the beacon and Use Region instead of SecureRegion it works like a charm, but i need to enable the Secure UUID for my project
Note: If i enable the secure option in the beacon and Use Region instead of SecureRegion, it shows me the random Major/Minor generated by the Estimote Lib, i need the real values

I provide appId & appToken like this:

    EstimoteSDK.initialize(this, "XXX", "XXX");

    // Configure verbose debug logging.

    //this is just to check if estimote initialized correctly
    MacAddress macAddress = MacAddress.fromString("D0:11:18:50:9C:17");
    EstimoteCloud.getInstance().fetchBeaconDetails(macAddress, new CloudCallback<BeaconInfo>() {
        public void success(BeaconInfo beaconInfo) {
            Log.d(TAG, beaconInfo.toString());
            //this works and yields all relevant information
            //BeaconInfo{uuid='049494bf-9a50-42c7-9573-61c46496c5b2', major=1003, minor=8, macAddress='[D0:11:18:50:9C:17]', name='ice-2', color=Icy Marshmallow, batteryLifeExpectancyInDays=386.0, settings=BeaconInfoSettings{batteryLevel=100, hardware='D3.4', firmware='A3.2.0', broadcastingPower=LEVEL_8, advertisingIntervalMillis=318, basicPowerMode=true, smartPowerMode=true, conditionalBroadcasting=FLIP_TO_SLEEP, broadcastingScheme=ESTIMOTE_DEFAULT, isFirmwareUpToDate=true, eddystoneNamespace='null', eddystoneInstance='null', eddystoneUrl='null', secure='true'}}

        public void failure(EstimoteServerException e) {
            Log.d(TAG, e.toString());

Then i start Monitoring a SecureRegion:

private static final SecureRegion ALL_SECURE_ESTIMOTE_BEACONS = new SecureRegion("rid", null, null, null);

beaconManager = new BeaconManager(getApplicationContext());

beaconManager.connect(new BeaconManager.ServiceReadyCallback() {
            public void onServiceReady() {
                Log.d(TAG, "serviceReady");

beaconManager.setMonitoringListener(new BeaconManager.MonitoringListener() {

        public void onEnteredRegion(Region region, List<Beacon> beacons) {
            Toast.makeText(BeaconsMonitoringService.this, "Se detecto un beacon!", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

            if (beacons.isEmpty()) {
                // This is where the process enters and i get an empty list everytime
                Log.d(TAG, "List of beacons is EMPTY.... WHY!?");
                Log.d(TAG, "Region: " + region.toString());

            // Get Major and minor for that beacon
            for(Beacon beacon : beacons){
                minor = beacon.getMinor();
                major = beacon.getMajor();

                Log.d(TAG, "Major:" + major + " Minor:" + minor);

                // Reset ListView Promos
                gv = (GlobalVars) getApplication();

            if(minor != 0 && major != 0){
                // Check if Internet present
                if (!isOnline(context)) {
                    // Internet Connection is not present
                    makeText(context, "No posee conexion a internet!",
                    // stop executing code by return

                // Get Merchant information
                Integer[] params = {major, minor};
                new AsyncGetMerchantFromBeacon().execute(params);


        public void onExitedRegion(Region region) {
            Log.d(TAG, "exited");
            //Toast.makeText(BeaconsMonitoringService.this, "Salio del rango del beacon", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

            minor = 0;
            major = 0;
            ArrayList<HashMap<String, String>> listBeaconPromos = new ArrayList<HashMap<String, String>>();

            gv = (GlobalVars) getApplication();

            if(notiExit == 1){
                makeNotification(context, "Gracias por su visita!", "Lo esperamos pronto");

Are you on the latest version of the SDK? I remember we had a bug like this one, but it’s been fixed since then.

EDIT: My bad, looks like the fix is still pending release, will be there in the next SDK version!

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  1. Hi Why here eddystone details are null ? edystoneUrl,UUID etc

In website i have added all these details when I do featchBeaconDetails edystone details are null

  1. By using beacons details is i can able to connect the cloud and update beacon? If so please ans me