SDK says beacon left range, it's right next to the phone

We’re using the background monitoring to keep tabs on a beacon and check when it leaves.

The beacons we’re testing are set to advertising interval between 930-950ms at -30dBm.
The phone is monitoring for 5 seconds with 10 seconds of sleep.

We use monitoring to detect when we entered the range of the beacon, that works.
But after a minute or two, the SDK is triggering the event that the beacon has left the range.

What could be happening here?
The beacon is sitting less than a meter away from the phone.

Adding to this thread.

I increased the monitoring times to 10 seconds of listen with 10 seconds of sleep and that seemed to fix it.
The app didn’t incorrectly report the beacon being out of range until it actually was.

Any insight into this would be appreciated as down the line we will want to optimize the battery usage of this app.

Let me reproduce it on our side first and I’ll be back with more insights.

Well, further testing did not prove to be successful.

We left the beacon next to the phone and kept the Monitoring on.
After a few minutes, the onExitedRegion alert fired.