RSSI does not change on android

Im using Samsung GALAXY Tab S2 and running the demo app.
However, no matter the distance or the broadcasting power of the stickers, the RSSI is always -9.
How can I deal with it?

For each sticker?
And if you try it on another device?

every single stickers are having -9
im not sure if it is due to bluetooth4.1 cause only device with bluetooth4.1 have such problem (from what i have test)

Can you let us know the exact SDK version you’re using? Also, what’s the Android version you’re on?

If you’re on Android 5.0 or later, can you try adding this line:

<meta-data android:name="force_old_scanning_api" android:value="true" />

to your manifest file, inside the <application> section, and let us know if it helps?

the line works
thank you for the help