Mac address problem


I have a problem, if I try to read mac address.

If I read it using ConfigurableDevicesScanner I get for example: e37bab1c3023 (as hexadecimal string)
But if I use EddystoneListener I get: e47cac1d3124

I tested it in closed room with no other beacons near to me.
Then I tested all beacons and I see the same issue.

Why I get different mac addresses from same beacon???

ConfigurableDevicesScanner gives you the MAC address of the Connectivity packet. Eddystone listener, the MAC address of the Eddystone packet.

Is there a possibility to get the mac address of device not of a packet?

Not really, it’s all just packets … What is it that you’re trying to accomplish? Maybe we’ll have some other trick up our sleeve (:

I need an unique identifier of beacon, that our customers can use. I dont want, that they have a knowledge of device id, that I can see in

Sorry, I don’t really understand why not use the 32-character device identifier for that? (: It’s precisely what we invented it for when we added multi-packet advertising to our beacons, one identifier that IDs the physical device no matter how many/what packets it broadcasts.

our customers cant work with big numbers/ strings…they had always worked with RFID (NFC)…so we trying to keep the string as short as possible.

What do your customers need the identifiers for?

(We can move this conversation to a private message/email if you want, I’m genuinely trying to understand the use case and learn how we can help you. :slight_smile:)

I am also working on a similar kind of project that requires a small
Unique identifier​. I.e. Mac address but it Mac address is constantly changing can you help me with that

I’m still interested to learn why the MAC address, and not the iBeacon UUID/major/minor, or Eddystone UID, or even the Device Identifier itself? There’s so many more convenient ways to identify a beacon, why pick the MAC address?