Ranging Beacons Tutorial posting an example UI at the end of tutorial

Could you post and example UI for this tutorial. One that has a labels, texts and images? Is there where we would set the interface that would correspond to the beacon in range -meaning that we would get different images and text that are specified to the region?

func beaconManager(manager: AnyObject!, didRangeBeacons beacons: [AnyObject]!,
inRegion region: CLBeaconRegion!) {
if let nearestBeacon = beacons.first as? CLBeacon {
let places = placesNearBeacon(nearestBeacon)
// TODO: update the UI here
println(places) // TODO: remove after implementing the UI

That’s on our TODO list—basically, there’ll be a ZIP archive to download from the tutorial pages. We should get to that in a few weeks. In the meantime, try our app generator, specifically, you might be interested in the “Proximity Content” templates.

Hi we are working on an app that uses beacon ranging and I have not found any UI for ranging posted on the estimote website. Do you have any advice as to how we can create the UI or if there are any examples?

Maybe try our Proximity Content example, it uses ranging to change the color & text on the screen:

or from: