Demo Example Apps not working with Swift 3

I am getting issues with Estimote Demo examples provided in the latest SDK. After changing to latest Swift 3 syntax it showed several errors. I fixed few but one I cant. I have attached the image below where it shows error “Type ‘BeaconDetailsCloudFactory’ does not conform to protocol ‘BeaconContentFactory’”.
Has anyone got solution for this problem.

Also if Estimote team can update the iOS SDK with swift 3 then it may resolve all errors.

Yes… I’ve the same problem… Can anyone help us ?

Change code inside the BeaconContentFactory file

protocol BeaconContentFactory {

func contentForBeaconID(_ beaconID: BeaconID, completion:@escaping (_ content: AnyObject) -> ())


What was happening is, in the protocol declaration BeaconContentFactory by the sdk providers the completion is not marked @escaping but when you are implementing the protocol your use case requires the completion to be @escaping so just change the protocol declaration to accept @escaping completion and your error should disappear.

I’m giving up on Swift 3.0 … when will there be official examples.

Also the ranging example in the docs is different from the ranging in the sdk examples … which is the correct approach?

Hello Guys,

Demo examples are not yet migrated to Swift 3. We have it on the roadmap but not as an immediate priority. Since they are there you can use Legacy Swift compiler ( to make them working. If you are able to help with this and make it working on your side pull request is more then welcome:)