Proximity realtime analytics

I’ve been trying a set of proximity beacons and I’m having a few problems and wondered if someone might be able to help.

I’m trying to gather real time analytics on proximity beacons. I’m following the documentation ( which also points me to an example piece of code.

The 1st thing I’ve found weird is getting the App ID and token. Most instructions say go the “Apps” section in the Estimote cloud, but I only see “IOT Apps” and “mobile Apps”. I’ve tried both of these and found that the mobile app page is what gives me an “App ID” and a “token”… but as this isn’t a mobile app, I’m wondering if this could be one of my early failures.

Once gathering those, I’ve simply copied the the code suggested, replacing the App ID and token. When running the code I get connection details, with a URL, a path and room ID. Then, using and the new provided details the code tries to make a connection to your realtime server but fails with a “400” response denoting a “transport error”.

I should note that I’ve run this code on a server… maybe I need to pass extra headers?

Thanks in advance.

Finally found a solution! In the latest versions of the, you need to specify a transport.

const socket = io(url, { path, transport: ['websocket'] })