Proximity marketing and indoor location project


I need to create a software to provide the bellow services to the customers
we are a startup company and we need some expert developers to help us build this software

proximity notifications , campaigns , loyalty systems, advertisement system
indoor location, indoor positioning, wayfinding, asset and people tracking
analysis and customer behavior monitoring in advance reports and charts in the dashboard
role management and advance finance module for the same project
website, IOS and Android applications
complete support and updates

if any one can help on that in a good price and effort please contact me since we are startup company and we need good support .

thank you …

I would be glad to assist you.
Please reach me on for further discussion.


This is something that is well within my area of expertise and I would be glad to help you out.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

Hi Andrew

Thank you for your email
Please send me if you have previous works of this type of projw ts specially indoor location and way finding
Please send me your website too
My email is

Thank you…

Hi, I did not get anything from you in my email.

Thank you

Hello Yosri,

I have noticed your startup looking for help with the development of marketing & indoor location project. Great news for you that our team specializes exactly in helping tech-startups with building similar IoT solutions aimed to solve different business issues.

As producers of smart sensor electronics, we have extended knowledge in BLE stack, in general - we can develop any similar custom device like the iBeacon from Estimote, from the scratch(PCB/Firmware) if it would be needed. So in a base way, the indoor navigation task looks pretty common and clear for us.

The examples of projects we have developed before will tell you more about our capabilities:

We are well experienced working with tech-startups and would like to help you with the delivery of your project on the turn-key basis, will care on project’s each part and provide technical bits of advice at every stage.

As for the next step we are proposing to proceed with the introductory conversation where you can tell us more about your idea and we could discuss it together.

Please let me know in case if you have a common interest. You can reach me out:
• On Skype: cblrok90
• Through any popular messenger app with my phone number: +79528823762
• Or drop me an Email to:

We are looking forward to your soon reply.

All the best,

Hi Ayosri - Thanks a lot for providing information regarding your requirement.

I have worked on more than 15+ BLE applications till now where we have used various brands of beacons like Estimote, Kontakt, Minewtech, Gimbal, SenseGiz Find & Star, I have worked on. I have worked on Eddystone projects with the various use cases as Proximity beacon marketing, App intent to make people download the application on their mobile android mobile application.

I have developed BLE application with use cases mentioned below,

  • Eddystone Proximity marketing (Any Beacon)
  • Find your lost item with use of Beacon (Similar to Tile)
  • Indoor Access Control with BLE (Using Bluenote BLE Device)
  • Fitness, Step, Glucometer and sleep tracker App
  • Fall and crash detection with using Beacon
  • Geofencing, Loyalty Points management App
  • Controlling 11 BLE LED devices together with 1 app
  • Car door controlling with BLE for Parking App

Let’s discuss about your requirement more in detail and talk about your project in detail. I will be pleased to provide you correct solution for your requirement. Please email me your requirement on

Looking forward to your response soon. Thank you.

Hello, Greetings for the day!!
I just went down to the post and got myself comfortable with it, I would like to share that I have worked on several applications that detects the ibeacons and performs the actions once the ibeacon is detected. I have worked with several different types of ibeacons such as Estimote, Gimbal,, Chinese ibeacons. I have developed following categories of applications that involves ibeacon detection as the key functionality:

  • ibeacon detection for restaurant application to push the various offers.
  • ibeacon detection in offices to detect and calculate the waiting time of the visitors in the office.

Following is the link to the app that I developed recently that works with estimote beacons:
Hoop App:

Roxle demo:
Consumer Side:
Vendor Side:

Stickers/Nearables: Stickers only)
Museum App:

I would appreciate if we set up a Skype meeting for further discussion on this project. Please share more details, then I am able to give you my suggestions, I am very enthusiast to work with you on this project.

Kind Regards,
Ashish Agrawal