Proximity Handling exit conditions if monitoring stopped while entered

How should I handle exit conditions. I am getting this error when I have a Zone and am currently entered into the zone. On pressing back button I am calling stopmonitor()

11-23 20:51:47.886 15953 15953 V IgnitebleBeaconManager: Throwale for zones Monitoring stopped while being inside one of the zones. From now on it is impossible to tell when the user exits the zone. You should handle this case properly in your App logic

Hey @mssdev1

The goal of this warning is to inform you, that it is impossible to verify that the user has exited your zone after you stop scanning.
You should make sure, that if you stop it, you will adjust your UI to be easy to understand by the user.

The reasoning behind this is that we don’t want to call onExit on every zone when you stop the scanning - because it doesn’t match the real status (your user might still be inside). Also we don’t want to do nothing - your App might be waiting for onExit called, which will never happen when you stop the scan. This is why we decided to inform you about it through the error message.

Basically, you can ignore this message if you are sure that stopping the scan won’t affect your user experience.
Also, you can catch this error using your own .withOnErrorAction{...} on ProximityObserver.

If you think that there is a better solution for this problem, feel free to share it with us :wink:

Thank you for your reply. I have realized your response somewhat on my own. Ie the exit conditions in this case are unclear.
So what I have decided to do is not call stop monitoring. In your docs you say that I can monitor even when the app has been force closed. I am sure probably this is a new question but it arose out of this one.
So, i won’t call stop monitoring in my onBackPressed in my main activity. I will ask my next question in a new thread.