Proximity, get distance


i have the Proximity dev tool, and using swift - I would like to get the distance of the beacons - as in the provided image.

How is this done?


The Proximity SDK doesn’t provide such APIs.

What you see in the Estimote app is the app’s own code for computing distance estimations based on the RSSI (= Received Signal Strength Indicator). You could do the same with the native Core Bluetooth APIs & some equations you can find out there, derived from the Free-Space Path Loss model.

Keep in mind such distance estimations based on Bluetooth signal strength are inherently noisy (that’s why the beacons on the list tend to jump around quite a bit), so some extra work is usually required to smooth them out. (That noisy’ness is also why the design decision was made to not include APIs for distance estimations in the Proximity SDKs—we believe the zone-based model is more useful for building proximity applications.)