Proximity does not work in Xamarin Android App

Entry and Exit functions are not being triggered at my Xamarin Android App. I build my App following GitHub and Forum samples. The ProximityObserverBuilder and ProximityZoneBuilder, both work well (with no-errors). Bluetooth and Location permission passed ok the validation. I’m using two different Estimote stones (Ice and Mint). Both responses correctly when the Estimote Configuration app calls them. … everything seems to be correct. But, onEnter and onExit functions are not working. Nothing happens.

Any advice?
I’m using Android 7.1.2 phone with BLE support.

Hi, have you figured out any way to make it work because i am facing same issue. Even i tried with example app but still same, entry and exit not detecting.

Hello Altaf, are you using Estimote Starter kit as me?

I tried other SDK and Nuget Libraries to work with my Estimote beacons and the issue is still the same.

Hi, i was using this nuget from estimote page. I guess this is the latest one.

I’m using same package. Are you using starter kit stones? What if you try with another stones even estimote or Edistone?

Have you receive any support answer from estimote technical support channel? I sent emails to them few weeks ago with no answer until now.