Proximity as Location beacons

Is there a way that the proximity beacons can be used as location beacons or a way to extract RSSI values from the proximity beacons.
I have to develop an app which can connect with beacons and tell the exact location coordinates of the user but unfortunately I have the proximity beacons instead of location beacons.

Hi! If you need to get RSSI readings from your beacons, you might need to use Apple’s Core Location as described here: Keep in mind, though, that the measurements will be very inaccurate and it will be hard to create any viable use case base on them.

If you can upgrade to Location Beacons, try our Indoor Location to figure out the coordinates on the nearby users. Cheers!

Thank you for the suggestion. for the localization i changed the uuids of the beacons due to which now even proximity is not happening in my app. now when i have changed my uuids back to default, the beacons are still unable ti detect. it has been literally 2 months and the estimote app detects the beacons therefore i am sure that the battery life has not ended. but i have tried every single way and now my beacons are not being detected in my app.