Problem with changing advertising interval (Estimote OS 3.2.0)

We can’t change advertising interval in our Estimote Beacons.
We used Android application Estimote from Google Play and also the newest version of Android SDK to do this.
In both cases we get the success. But when we check, the advertising interval value didn’t change!
We used Estimote Beacons with Estimote OS 3.2.0 Hardware Revision D3.4.
We also have Becons with Estimote OS 2.1.0 (H. Rev. D3.4 ) and this problem doesn’t occur (advertising interval changed).
Is this problem appears on Estimote App for iOS?
We need to set advertising interval immediately and do You have any sugestions for us how to get around this problem?
When this bug can be fix?

There is a bug-fix release of the Android app coming out today, which fixes that. Apologies for the trouble!