Problem configure and reset NEARABLES protocol Sticker coded Android

Good morning,
I bought one month ago, 10 estimote sticker.
I would like to do a thesis on the movement of patients in the hospital.
I would like to create a bracelet to be connected to the patient to control body temperature, movement, if it falls out of bed etc …
To start programming, I downloaded the sample code from github Schowroom, I entered the id sticker and I saw that if I move the app seems a written set.
Now I would like to capture the temperature the coordinates x, y.
I tried to enter the following code recommended:

public void onNearablesDiscovered(List list) {
for (Nearable nearable : list) {

            double temperature =  nearable.temperature;
            Log.d("ShowroomManager", "Nearable: " + nearable.identifier + ", temperature value: " + temperature);

            NearableID nearableID = new NearableID(nearable.identifier);
            if (!products.keySet().contains(nearableID)) { continue; }

            boolean previousStatus = nearablesMotionStatus.containsKey(nearableID) && nearablesMotionStatus.get(nearableID);
            if (previousStatus != nearable.isMoving) {
                Product product = products.get(nearableID);
                if (nearable.isMoving) {
                } else {
                nearablesMotionStatus.put(nearableID, nearable.isMoving);

But some objects are not detected, and it always fails.
Some of you might modify the app code sample showroom to track and display with an app on Android cell temperature and the coordinates x, y, z