Powered beacon

Have you guys considered producing a powered version of the beacon? I've been speaking with some clients about larger deployments and one thing that keeps coming up is they don't want to spend time changing the batteries (dozens or hundreds), even if it is only once a year.

Hi Jerome!
We haven't considered this before, but if we get more requests like this, we might think about it in the future.
Thanks for sharing!

I also think that, although battery powered beacons are an attractive solution for an initial deployment, it could be a headache to monitor the battery of every single beacon deployed when having a lot of long-term deployments out there.

I hope you consider this request in the near future.

By the way, you have made a great product!


Thank you so much for sharing what you think about our beacons :)
As for the power, very soon we will release a power management system. In the future our Cloud platform will be integrated with that to enable very simple management of many beacons.

I'd like to vote for a hardwired type of iBeacon as well. I'm researching if the iBeacon technology would be a good fit in an Industrial setting. A hardwired version would be a great option to present to clients.