My app not detecting estimote beacons after 5 metere distance

My app using estimote sdk which have libEstimoteSDK.a and files(ESTBeacon.h,ESTBeaconDefinitions.h,ESTBeaconManager.h etc) but my app only detecting beacons in 5 meter range but estimote itunes app detecting more then 10 meters . Why i am facing this kind of problem . I am missing any thing in my code or any other problem .


Hi Puneet,

What is your broadcasting power setting for those beacons? Please try increasing the power via Estimote app or Estimote SDK: it should also make the signal range longer.


Thanks Wojtekb

But another apps(pushmote) detect same beacons .What is the range of estimote beacons. Can you send a sample code which detect both in background and forground .

Take a look at our Examples, they are bundled with the SDK:

The Estimote app has a built-in 4 (or 6, can’t remember) second delay between the beacon goes out of range and disappears from the radar/list, maybe that could explain it.