Motion threshold to avoid vibration

I wonder whether you can add following story in you bucket:
In order to avoid detection of the vibration of some objects I would like to set a specific threshold for the accelerometer.

For example: I would like only to detect when a user took the kettle. But the kettle is vibrating a bit while it’s working and the stickers feels it. I know I can put a check on the client side…
There are also other cases where such a threshold could be interesting.

What do you think about it?

In addition, what could be the reason that the Orientation has sometimes UNKNOWN state when the sticker is not in motion? I’m receiving the correct orientation for a while, then unknown orientation for a short period, then again the correct orientation and the sticker is not moving.

May be, also interesting to add a monitoring whether temperature is rising or falling since the last extrema.
…warming up, cooling