Monitoring multiple regions with Eddystone

I have a question about monitoring multiple regions with Eddystone beacons.

Say for example I have 3 beacons, and each of the beacons is assigned to a other region and the regions are defined based on the Instance value of the beacons i.e. (“region1”, null, “InstanceValueOfBeacon”, null) and I have a different action for each didEnterRegion.

Now when I place all the beacons next to each other. How will the application respond? Will it keep on switching between the different regions because multiple beacons are found? Does it just do the action of the beacon that is first found? Or how does that work exactly?

SDK does not support monitoring of Eddystone beacons. Just regular ones (that is iBeacon). You can only scan for them.

Monitoring on iBeacons on those three beacons works as it would generate only one event (as region is defined by three beacons).