Memory Adress - Intel Edison


Im trying to acess the estimote by intel edison, I already did the communication between than by BLE.

Now I wanna read the contain of memory, but I cant find the number of the adress, where can I find the information adressing?

"char-read-hnd "

You mean, you want to parse the iBeacon advertising packet? You can find the iBeacon spec on the Internet, or download it directly from Apple, after agreeing to the iBeacon License Agreement:
(“Download Artwork and Specifications”)

if the estimote beacon is sending the estimote default packet type, can I parse that using the edison? Iknow you do not have sdk support for this, but will I still be able to do this?

If you’re able to receive advertisement packets, there shouldn’t be any problem to parse them. What technology stack are you running on your Edison?

Yes, you can parse it yourself.

By default, Estimote Beacons broadcast Apple’s iBeacon packet. You can find the specification on (the “Download Artwork and Specifications” link), but you need to accept the iBeacon License Agreement which actually forbids you from using iBeacon with anything other than iOS. So parsing iBeacon on Intel Edison is illegal.

Instead, you can switch your Estimote Beacons to broadcast the Eddystone packet. Eddystone is an open protocol from Google, and you can use it wherever you want. Specification is here:

Never heard about that it’s illegal. Interesting. And a little bit sad.

How do you deal with it legally with your Android SDK?

“Illegal” might be a bit of a strong word—as in, it’s not a crime, it’s “just” breaking the license.

We actually don’t use iBeacon in our Android SDK. If you go to a packet switcher in our iOS app, you can choose between Estimote, Eddystone-URL, Eddystone-UID, and iBeacon. On Android, we only support Estimote, and Eddystone packets.

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I see. Is Estimote dramatically different than iBeacon?

It’s not—our goal was for it to still be compatible with Core Location, so that when your beacons broadcast the “Estimote Default” packet, it can actually be discovered by both iOS and Android.