Max number of beacons for room

I’m interested in buying the beacons to integrate indoor location into my app.

I read in the description: 8 simultaneously.

Does this mean I can not put more than 8 beacons in the same room? How do I make a good location if the room is very large?

Besides, I saw that there is the option to buy only the dev kit.
How will I have to do when I want to buy packages with a larger quantity? And what are the costs?


Hi @smasini,

the Location Beacons can send 8 frames simultaneously. It means that a single beacon can send 1 iBeacon frame, 1 Eddystone-UID frame, 1 Eddystone-URL frame and 5 other frames at the same time.
It’s not related to the maximum number of beacons in a room.

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