Managing 100 beacon regions


We are monitoring 100 rooms and each one will need to have it’s own beacon region with unique UUID, major and minor numbers.

So far, we’ve created 5 ESTBeaconManager global instances and added 20 beacon regions in each one which adds up to a 100. However, only up to 2 beacon managers work and the rest of it does not. We urgently need a solution for this.


Your app has a global limit of 20 geofences you can create, and the list of the geofences is shared across all instances of ESTBeaconManager and CLLocationManager objects. In other words, creating multiple instances doesn’t allow you to bypass that limit.

You need to come up with a schema to group your 100 beacons into 20 regions (e.g., UUID + 20 different majors, skip/wildcard minor). When an “enter” event happens in one of those regions, you can start ranging for a few seconds to learn the exact minor of the beacons in range, including the beacon that triggered the event.