Detecting both secure and non-secure beacons

It seems like when using ESTSecureBeaconManager I can no longer detect non secure uuid beacons. Should it be this way? is there any way to detect both secure and insecure beacons?

You can use both ESTSecureBeaconManager (for secure beacons) and ESTBeaconManager (for non-secure beacons) together in your app—and even have both of them report to the same delegate.

Do I have any other registered regions’ limitation when using both secure and non-secure regions? (in other words, can I still register approximately 20 non-secure regions?)

Sadly, our Secure UUID implementation is “eating up” 16 of the app’s monitoring slots, to keep track of the rotating UUIDs, so you’re only left with 4 slots to use for monitoring non-secure beacons, or GPS geofences (CLCircularRegion).