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We work with estimote hardware et software since the begining, and all your stuff have potentiel. I am disappointed by the fact that some project are totally abandoned. In fact we already know that the time to market for some knew product is totally unpredictable.
We have barely finished working on the integration of lte beacon that some projects are abandoned as lte beacon which was very promising.

Is it possible to have product manufactured for us even if the support on lte beacon is postpone

Hi Stephane,

This is Jess with the Estimote team. I hope you are well.

I fear that there may have been some miscommunication on our end in our email exchanges. While we have discontinued the particular form factor of the LTE beacon product, our wearables and our new UWB beacon which is soon to be released will give you that same functionality you’re looking for. Keep an eye out for an email from me. I’d love to discuss how we can get your project up and running.


Hi Jess,
Thank you for your answer, it seems to be good news for us. Indeed we would like to early be part of the release cause our POC begin in March. And tracking LTE beacon’s outdoor position with built -in GPS is one of the main functionality of this project. What about a zoom meeting to discuss about that



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