LTE Beacon onReceive

I’m playing around with an LTE beacon and am not sure when onReceive gets called. I can send a user_message to estimote cloud and when I “Compile and Send” my micro app code it successfully calls the onReceive. But just sitting there the beacon never see’s new messages. Is this because it’s not on a network? if so how do I connect it? or is it something else?

LTE beacon send and receives data during synchronisation process. So you need to wait till synchronisation occurs (you can set its period using sync.setSyncPeriod(), force it immediately using or by pressing and holding side button and main button for about 10s). More about syncing with Cloud is here.

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In practice I’m not seeing this to be true. multiple sync periods are passing and nothing is hitting the onReceive yet when I hit “compile and send” in the web ide the events are immediately delivered to the onReceive

Please check if it works when you are disconnected from WebIDE (by for example blinking LEDs when message is received).