Local notifications get less and less over time

Hey guys,

It’s a weird one. My app (in Swift) monitors and ranges beacons in both background & foreground. It successfully sends a local notification on region enter when the app is not running (BeaconManager in appdelegate). As soon as I deploy the app to my iPhone, I successfully get an enter notification every single time I enter the region during day 1. On day 2 (same app version still on my phone) they become less, even less on day 3, and by day 4 they stop completely.

Could it be that the number of monitored locations are kept in memory (even if the app is killed)? But still, on app launch I loop over the monitored locations and delete one by one before I start monitoring & ranging again.

Has this been discussed before? I am a bit puzzled here.

Interesting. How many notifications are we talking about? I wonder if this is some throttling on the iOS side.

The list of monitored locations is persisted on the system-level, otherwise if the app got killed and removed from memory, iOS wouldn’t be able to continue monitoring on behalf of the app. This however shouldn’t affect the frequency/responsiveness of monitoring at all.

I am sending one notification msg on region entry. I have the beacons (all linked to the same region) lying around the room so I get one when I enter the room, every single time on day 1. As days go by it starts to gradually go downhill.

Hmm, and when does it go back to normal? Kill & restart the app? Restart the phone?

Reinstall the app! I am on OS8 by the way and the app is built on the same version.