Let's vote for the best beacon color!

Which Estimote beacon color is your favourite?

mint coctail

icy marshmallow

or blueberry pie?

Blueberry Pie, obviously.

Can’t decide between icy marshmallow and blueberry pie.

Blueberry Pie, but in case of stickers, Sweet Beetroot totally rocks :slight_smile:

What’s the name of the pink one? It totally gets my vote.

Other than that, it’s the mint one for me.

Candy floss.

But you can’t vote if you don’t know the name :F

Im a huge fan of blueberry pie, sleek and easier to hide in plain site!

But why would anyone want to hide them? =)


I think you should offer the entire range of Pantone palettes! :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like an Orange (#fc3600 to be precise)

Icy Marshmallow gets my vote.

I vote for Blueberry Pie!