Keep ranging while in background

Hi guys,

I did a bit of testing this week and I have to handle a special case for home automation. What I want to achieve is to keep ranging beacons while you remain in the region and the app is not in foreground. My tests and documentation shows that an app is only awaken for 10 seconds when you cross the region border. How to keep ranging beacons while remaining in the region so that we can trigger app events such as 'left the room', 'enter the room' constantly?

Thanks for your help!

The process for requesting more background execution time is described here:

This too may help:

beginBackgroundTaskWithExpirationHandler: method of the UIApplication class.

Thanks. I had this in mind but then I have to respawn a timer every ten minutes to keep alive in the background. However I'm a bit afraid that this could be rejected by Apple. Do you have any return of experience on using such a method?

Yes, that's the trick. I assume you have Location Updates in background mode enabled. It gives you background life when the app is minimized.

However, if your app doesn't clearly seem to have GPS/Geolocation features, the guy reviewing it will happily bounce it back to you and ask you to: either disable the mode or add such feature to your app. Personal experience.