iPhone 4S Issue


Is there an issue on iPhone 4s not able to receive iBeacon notifications in background, we have created the code and on testing it on 4S versus 5S it worked on 5S but it didn’t work as it should be on 4S so we investigated a bit over Google and reached this stackoverflow thread, any clues?

http://stackoverflow.com / questions / 21083825

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Which version of the iOS are you using?
There is a bug in the iOS 7 which seems to affect iPhone 4S and influences monitoring functions, updating to the newest iOS should fix it.

Let us know if it worked!

Just to expand a little on what Marta said: you can implement the didDetermineState method and see what it returns. On iPhone 4S, it consistently used to report “unknown”. We had some signals that the latest iOS fixes the issue, so definitely try that and let us know!