iOS and Android 4.3+ application problem

Hi all, I’m developing in Xamarin Forms and I am having several problems:

  1. When I try the App with android the nearables are initially detected, but then after 1-2 minutes they disappear from the radar until I move them, and I don’t understand why.
    My intention is to fix them up walls. This problem it presents also with the official android app.
  2. I don’t understand why the official iOS app use the localization service from discover the nearables. It’s not enough just the bluetooth to discover them?

Thank you so much.

Alessandro A

I have the same problem, but I was seeing on the platform there is an option to enable or disable the motion on your stickers that by default is deactivated. I have not tested it because i have other problem, but maybe this can help you.

Hi handerson,

Thank you for your reply.
I will try to make the changes you suggested and I’ll let you know.
Unfortunately I could not yet understand why gps usage.

Alessandro A

“Location Services” is more than just GPS, you can learn smartphone’s location from the radio towers its in range of, known WiFi networks in range (if it’s “Estimote KRK Office”, this means I’m in our KRK office), and also … known Bluetooth beacons in range! That’s why both Apple and Google made the decision to require Location permissions in order for apps to be able to detect beacons.

Hi heypiotr,

Thank you very much for reply.
In the sdk I found nothing about Location Services except for statistics use.
Do you have any suggestions about it?

Thank you.

Alessandro A