iOS 7 iBeacon, app closed notification

for my application I use the sample code ( notification alert ).
When my app is in background I look the local notification but the application was closed the notification don't work.

I upgrade my iOS device at 7.1.2 version

Hi Luigi,

Sorry for my late response. I tried to investigate the issue but I need more information. Could you please develop the topic?

I solved my problems.

Great you managed to solve it!

I have also the problems with the Estimote Account
If I try the login from iOS application I look, on the assigned beacons, this message "beacon does not belong to your account"
What is the problem?


I checked and all of your 3 beacons are assigned to your cloud account with the email that you provided while purchasing the beacons so it should work fine.

Please mind that the login is case sensitive. Also please try to restart your phone and if it doesn't help feel free to reach me aga [at] I will investigate the issue further.


when I buy iBeacon I use the different email :)

Ok, great you solved it! :)

Hi Luigi,

May i please know how you solved this issue… I am facing the same issue…

For information i have tried both CLLocationManager and ESTBeaconManager… i am not able to get the notifications when app is closed…


@KalyanKumar_Parise @Luigi_Marino I have the same problem here ? can u please tell us how do u solved it ?

Did you put the beacon manager in the AppDelegate? Our tutorial explains why you need to put it there in more depth:

Can you add a “Notification” app to your Estimote Cloud account ( and see if that works?

Luigi_Marino, I am facing same issue from 2 weeks, can you send me that sample code that is greatfull for me.Thanks in advance.