How make Notification in my Project how

I'm have own projects need to add notification
but i don't know step for make it hope you help for me
just notification , I download example form
but i can't understand I begin learn ios deleloper.
please help me

Hi Sirichai,

Could you be a more specific about the problems you are running into? You can find a pretty good introduction to building your first beacon-enabled app (with notifications and proximity-based content) right here:


thank Wojtek ,

I try make it but have a eror like picture (like url)
when error xcode6.1 only cause i try build in Xcode old version
project can build success but in Xcode 6.1 if i delete file UNIT TTEST to trash
project will can build in iPhone but not detect iBeacon and not sent notification

You can safely delete the ExamplesTest target.

Im try delete but my project in phones not find beacon.

Is that about the Examples bundled with the SDK?

Attention with the permissions if you are using iOS 8