initRegionWithMajor does not work

I'm using the iOS SDK.
I updated the major value for the beacons I have to the value of 1052.
I'm now trying to range the beacons with this major value:

ESTBeaconRegion* userBeaconsRegion = [[ESTBeaconRegion alloc] initRegionWithMajor:1052 identifier:@"userBeacons"];

[self startMonitoringForRegion:userBeaconsRegion];

But the didRangeBeacons method of the beacon manager is never called.
When I do exactly the same just with a generic region (no major or minor) the method does get called and I can see my beacons.

Any idea how to make it work?

Hi Shahar,

Please connect to the beacon and make sure that the value saved there is 1052 and if so please try to use this region for monitoring:

ESTBeaconRegion *region = [[ESTBeaconRegion alloc] initWithProximityUUID:<#beaconuuid#> major:<#beaconmajor#> identifier:<#your_identifier#>];

Let me know if that helps.

The beacon did have the right major.
I will try this a bit later. In the mean time we changed our code to use CoreLocation directly and it seems to work fine.


You can use Apple CoreLocation framework to discover beacons, but if you'd like to manage Estimote beacons (set major. minor, distance, etc.) you have to use our SDK.

Yes. That's exactly what we are doing now.


Please mind that if you don't use our SDK, some features will not be available e.g.: defining Beacons with major and minor values, determining range, getting the battery status or accessing accelerometer and temperature sensors data (these are still not available through our SDK but they will be in a close future).