Monitor region with major but no minor

Hi guys,
I want to monitor (so it has to work in the background, ranging is not an option here) a lot of different beacons (about 100), with all the same major, but different minor.

If I use
ESTBeaconRegion* region = [[ESTBeaconRegion alloc] initRegionWithMajor:123456 minor:1 identifier:@"MyRegion"];

the didEnterRegion is triggered and I can do want I want to do with this specific beacon.
However, in order to trigger the 100 beacons with the same major, I'm using the same call without the minor specified
ESTBeaconRegion* region = [[ESTBeaconRegion alloc] initRegionWithMajor:123456 identifier:@"MyRegion"];

but in that case, didEnterRegion is never triggered.

Am I missing something?

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late reply: this thread has slipped under our radar. Anyway, if you want didEnter or didExitRegion to work with 100 different Beacons with the same Major, you need to first leave the region for all 100 of them.

Let me know if there's anything else.

Estimote team? Anyone?

Hi everyone,
I have the same exact problem.
Notice that in CLLocationManager all warks fine...



There is no difference between CoreLocation and Estimote SDK in terms of monitoring. If you want to monitor group of beacons, enter and exit events appears only when you leave region that is defiened by all of them (So no beacons are visible for the phone).

Keep in mind that exit event is trigger with about 30s delay according to apple implementation.