Indoor location - Detect when user is out of registered location


From the Indoor SDK example, I want to find out how precise the ESTIndoorErrorCode.IndoorPositionOutsideLocationError works. Being that the power of the beacons has to be set to 4db thus a wide range around the beacons. How effective would it be to deduce when the user is inside or outside a room?

Usually, once you exit the room, the beacon signal is greatly reduced by walls and doors, so the out-of-location detection works fairly well. You might need to walk a few meters away from the location, and it might take a few(ish) seconds for the SDK to recognize that.

@heypiotr thank you for your reply. I figured I make use of the beacons proximity so I decided to place several beacons outside the room and just one in the room. Thus, when a specific beacon has immediate proximity it triggers an event. That seems to work better as using the indoor location SDK also picks up the location when about 5 metres away from the room.

Thanks for sharing! Trying to understand the scenario better: so you dropped the Indoor Location completely, and rely just on proximity now? Would you mind describing your use case briefly? We’re very bullish on gathering as much feedback about Indoor working in the field as we can, so if you had a moment to spare and could write up your thoughts, we’d appreciate it a lot!