Indoor Location Beacon

Hellow. My name is Donghyeok Kim. I am currently working on a beacon-based location mobile robot for personal projects. What I can buy int the budget is one dev kit of 4 location beacons with UWB. So I bought purchase the one kit.

I already had one ibeacon of a different company. so I plan to put four of your company’s beacons on the wall and put the other company’s on the robot.

As a result, I have two questions to ask.

First, I’d like to know if it’s actually possible to cover 28m to 10m space with only four location beacons with UWB. The space is a rectangular shape

Second, how do I get remotely the data of distance as result by a process called time-of-flight two-way ranging without the cellphone?

Third, Can I use robotic sdk, if I use a ibeacon of the others company or a Bluetoth4.1 in the raspberry pie instead estimote beacon as the Central Beacon?

Later, I will apply this to maps found by the slam algorithm.
I think if I already have a map data and compensate error with a proper sensor, it is possible to estimate the location with a small number of location beacons.