I can not get a notification with the sdk

Hello, I started vestudar estimote the sdk but I can not generate a notification when clicked shows a content, I tried to follow the example shown on the website but still appeared several errors.

like they could help me.

Thank you

Hi Jesus,

I'm going to need you to answer some questions first, to establish what's wrong:

What is vestudar?
Did you downloaded examples?
Do you know how to create and send notifications?
What errors did you get?

Thank you!

I'm sorry, I'm Brazilian and I still have difficulty with English.
I'm trying to make a notification estimote sdk but I wanted to do as the tutorial: http://estimote.com/api/tutorials/notification.html

I'm not getting errors because it shows, I need to mount a new class or within the view controller?

Hi Jesus,

Can you be more specific about what you're aiming for? Do you get errors or not, because it's not really clear?